Hello, my name is Shaun Chattell and I build custom websites.


Website Design

Your website will be designed using popular software such as Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Fireworks. The concept design that will be created will be directly sent to you for you to review before any development begins on your website to ensure that you are 100% happy with how your website will look once it has been developed.

You'll get a website that looks amazing whilst providing reliability to keep your visitors returning.

Website Development

Your website will be developed using the latest web technologies but will not use technologies that are not necessary if your website does not require it. HTML combined with CSS stylesheets will be used to make your website sing and dance.

All websites that are created include a back end system (CMS) completely free of charge to help make adding new content and editing current information easier for you to complete on your own.

Your website will look great whilst being future-proof by committing to the web standards of tomorrow.

Backend Development

If you require a dynamic website or application, PHP can be used to offer maximum impact whilst providing ease of use and simplicity.

Whether you require a simple content management solution for your website, or a fully integrated custom application, the knowledge to develop and power your dynamic website or application are available.

Working with me really is the smooth, painless way to get a powerful website or application that not only you, but your customers will love.

If you would like to work with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I have created a range of website templates to demonstrate the work that I can produce. This seemed the most logical answer to my problem, I never collected the URL's to the projects I completed because I didn't intend on ever building a personal portfolio. This means that my "completed projects" list is currently null.

Work that I carry out on a freelance basis mainly involves debugging of scripts, creating a single page or multiple pages to add to an already existing project, for me to list these as work I have carried out would be misinforming people of the true work that I can carry out because there has been multiple workers on said project.

The templates that are listed below are free to use in any manner required, they have been created to provide a working demonstration to allow customers to get an understanding of the different styles of work that I can work with.

Photography Portfolio

A photography portfolio template, jQuery was used to provide a smooth and user friendly photograph gallery whilst at the same time keeping a professional feel to the layout.

Visit http://photography.shacha.co.uk to view the demo.


Photography Screenshot

Hairdresser Portfolio

A business portfolio template to list the services that are offered, it also features an embedded Google Map to show the location of the premises. HTML and CSS was used to create this template.

Visit http://hair.shacha.co.uk to view the demo.


Hairdressers Screenshot

Kitchen Installation Portfolio

A template to show a portfolio of the work that has been carried out by a company. jQuery has been used to provide an image rotation and on the portfolio images to further enhance the viewing of the website. HTML, CSS3 and jQuery were used to create this template.

Visit http://kitchen.shacha.co.uk to view the demo.


Kitchen Screenshot

Cupcake Brochure

A template to show a portfolio of the work that has been carried out by a company. jQuery has been used to provide an image rotation to display a dynamic source of the businesses better creations. HTML, CSS3 and jQuery have been used to create this template.

Visit http://cupcake.shacha.co.uk to view the demo.


Cupcake Screenshot

Band Portfolio

This template was created as a demonstration for a music band website, it provides an effective way to list upcoming tour dates and images from recent live shows. HTML and CSS3 were used to create this template.

Visit http://music.shacha.co.uk to view the demo.


Music Screenshot

Hosting Template

This template was created as a demonstration for a web hosting company, it allows small web hosting businesses to list the different packages that they offer aswell as current news. HTML and CSS3 were used to create this template.

Visit http://hosting.shacha.co.uk to view the demo.


Hosting Screenshot


The laboratory is the home of all my current projects, scripts, patches, experiments and open source content.

Personal Projects

Alignment RPG - Free to play text based game, a hybrid between a space trading game and crime based simulator. Login: demo/demo

Beta Projects

Propane CMS - An easy to use CMS full of the features that you would expect from a CMS... Just a lot simpler to use.

EZComm - A featured packed Ecommerce shopping site with rich admin features and detailed analysis features.

ShaCha Laboratory

Contact Me

If you are interested in working with me on your next web project, be it a 1 page static website or a multiple page dynamic web app then please contact me using the information below.

Email: shaun[at]shacha.co.uk

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I can assure you that I do not store any personal information, pass, or sell information on. I hate spam as much as you do.