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My name is Shaun Chattell. I am a 25 year old freelance web developer with a strong interest in web design and web development. It is my hobby and my passion. I have around 11 years experience with designing and building personal projects and 6 years freelance experience.

My interest in web development started whilst I was at high school and I instantly took an interest to the code side of websites when I downloaded a zip folder of open source scripts to try and learn something new. I managed to get a firm understanding of the HTML & PHP languages which I then used combined with CSS which I had also learnt, to build my first website. My first website was a text based game that was built from scratch using nothing but notepad. I have since built other text based games and at present still have a personal, actively developed text based game that is live.

I still occasionally "play about" with code development within Notepad to prove to myself that it is indeed still possible to develop websites in this manner. I do use other software such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Dreamweaver which I use daily and have a solid understanding of the usability of both choices of software. I mainly use Adobe Fireworks for design and creating images due to it's ease and usability, I am in the process of learning to use PhotoShop as it should be used to further develop my design skills.

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