Shaun Chattell

Web Developer - Web Designer

About Me

My name is Shaun Chattell and I am 27 years old. I started practicing with code when I was around 14 years old where I was editing code to open source code that was widely available. This was the spark to my fire that started my passion to develop websites.

I started my serious web development journey when I was 19 years old, I was winning small contracts on a select few freelance websites which in turn progressed into winning larger web projects. This further aided my push into wanting to persue web development as a permanent source of income.

I am fluent and confident in using HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP along with mySQL for databases.

Whether you are looking for a single page website to advertise your presence or a multiple page brochure style website, I can help. Using the latest web technologies I will give your web project the usability that the internet has come to expect, I will not use technologies that are unnecessary to your project but will not compromise on quality.

I am a single man team, I cover all aspects from the design stages to the entire development stage. All websites I build are custom built and all start from a complete blank canvas to which I end up viewing as a personal work of art.

I pride myself in knowing that the website I develop will be close to the perfection that is required with no corners being cut to save time. Working with me is a smooth process from the very beginning to the very end.


Web Design

Your website will be designed using current software where a mockup will be created and sent to you, this will allow you to change a few things as well as giving me a starting line to begin your project. Mockups are saved with common file extensions which in turn saves you any hassle of downloading further software to view files.

Web Development

Developing your website is done on a live web server where you will have full access via a portal to view the realtime development of your website. This is done to allow rich practical testing whilst at the same time removes the need for to'ing and fro'ing between communication methods which in turn speeds up the development of your website.

Web Hosting

For an added fee I can host your website to save you the hassle of finding a web host for yourself. This is not necessary and I recommend customers to find their own web hosting to give full control over their hosting package and web domain.

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